Computer Science & Engineering

Welcome to the Computer Engineering department. Our infrastructure is dynamic in nature because of our constant attempt to maintain pace with the development available to us.

The final year polytechnic students of our college are provided with a project Lab having high ends system with Intel processor desktops for their final year dissertations. Every student is made responsible for his/her equipment which is well used for the projects. All the students are free to configure and maintain their PCs according to their wishes and their needs.


  • Every Lecturer has his/her own User Id and Password for Internet.
  • Every student has his/her own User ID and Password for Internet.
  • Space on server has been allocated. Lecturers can keep their important data on hard disk of the server.
  • Students are not allowed to use any media without checking by lab authority, to avoid virus problem.
  • Students are not allowed to play games on computers or surf any unauthorized sites.
  • If any student will be caught damaging lab accessories, then he/she will be fined according to the damage and can be suspended by college authority.

Er.Rajveer Kaur B.Tech

Section 1. Computer Programming Lab


Section 2. OOPs Lab (C++/ Java) Lab



Employment (Job) opportunities in following areas are visualized for diploma holders in Information Technology:

Industry: Service based industry such as





Air Force

Call Centers etc

IT products (Product based industry) Consultancy companies and programming jobs

Other departments:

Telecommunication sector

Teaching organizations (polytechnics, vocational institutes etc)


Technical assistant/junior engineer in various departments

Self Employment:

Setting up of computer assembly unit

Setting up of training institute for computer assembly and networking

Small scale unit of doing third party service and maintenance of computer systems and networks

Data entry centers

Preparation of application software

Marketing of software

DTP and reprographic services

Web page designing

Instructional materials preparation

Competency based training material preparation

Making CDs

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